By Sally Maddox, Certified Concierge Care Advisor

What does that mean?  Isn’t energy good, you say?  Yes, energy is great, except when it’s not yours. As caregivers, you’ve taken on all the bad and good feelings of your client or loved one.  It’s hard to differentiate between yours or theirs.  The skill of expelling the negative and what doesn’t belong is a necessary.  It falls into the self-care category which we all know is so important to living a balanced life.

As a massage therapist this was a skill I learned early on.  To let my client’s trauma flow through and out of me.  I learned this would help me get through all the ugly the world could toss my way.  It’s not always easy to take the high road, to not get worked up at the guy who ran the red light, the customer service agent that just won’t listen.  On a daily basis, negativity sneaks in on us, trying to ruin our good mood and positive space.  Taking an active stance to work on what you let in and then letting it go.  How is this done?  Well, I believe everyone has something in their life that brings them peace.  Find that thing for yourself and do it as much as possible.  In the moment, breathe.  At the end of the day, remind yourself to let it go, breathe physically out of your space.  Shake your hands and let go mentally at the same time.  Take the walk you always mean to go on or whatever works for you.  Make the space for yourself however long or short to let go and just be.

Giving all of yourselves isn’t what being a caregiver is about.  In order to be that amazing caregiver, you need to give yourself amazing care and be active in your own well-being as well as others.  Not an easy task but one we can all learn.  Namaste…