By Erin Kershaw

I recently had the pleasure of helping a family start the process of finding an Adult Family Home for their Dad. They had no idea how to start the process or what questions they should be asking. During one of our conversations they mentioned that one of the most valuable parts of the process was getting out and touring a few Adult Family Homes with me. I was able to take them to three homes that would be a perfect fit when they feel the time is right.

The owners of each home took the time to sit down with them and answer their questions as well as give them direction about what questions they should be asking their Dad’s doctor about his worsening dementia.  The owners of these homes were able to describe what a typical day in an Adult Family Home is like for the residents as well as explain to the family  what kind of positive changes they could expect from their Dad once he was settled in a home.

This family was pleasantly surprised at how nice all of these home were and how involved each owner was with their homes and the residents they serve.

This is a perfect example of how important it is to reach out to the staff at Concierge Care Advisors and allow them to put you in touch with knowledgeable people that can make the process of researching care options much easier. It is never too early to start looking at your options and educating yourself about safe care options for your loved ones.