By Rose Fabrick, Certified Concierge Care Advisor

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate and honor fatherhood, paternal bonding, and for family to recognize Dad’s contributions to the family and society.  Father’s Day 2020 will be different as we continue to live through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under normal circumstances, Father’s Day activities include gathering family with brunch or barbecues.  Although we are not able to physically come together, we can celebrate togetherness by having virtual gatherings. My husband’s favorite Father’s Day brunch is bagel with lox and scrambled eggs, and a good cup of coffee. We plan on having our Father’s Day brunch on our deck and Zoom in family with their own bagels and fixings and enjoy the sunshine and conversation.

Your father or grandfather may be living in an assisted living community or adult family home. Not a problem. The communities and adult family homes create similar brunch celebrations for their gentleman residents. The caregiver staff will set up facetime or Zoom with family. You can schedule brunch time with your senior. Communicate with the communities and home providers on ways to connect with your elder loved one. I know of families who visit at the community or home in designated safe zones outside the building where you can see and speak with them. The human connection.

We also patronize a local restaurant that is offering take-out pizza with salad only, to keep their business afloat. You can order takeout and have it delivered to family members for a virtual pizza gathering.

Organize a beer tasting. Pick up his favorite beer tasting flight in advance and pour a mix of lagers, ales, and IPAs from local breweries. You support local business at the same time.

For kids and Dad, host an outdoor movie night. Pick Dad’s favorite movie, project the movie on a blank wall, and snuggle up in your PJ’s on pillows. Have popcorn or roast s’mores while you watch the movie. Pitch a tent in the backyard and pretend you are camping, telling ghost stories, have s’mores again, and snuggle in sleeping bags overnight in the tent. Father’s Day can be a weekend event. We now have the time for game night or puzzle night. There are many games available. Start a new tradition on Father’s Day weekend.

You can also sign up your Dad for MasterClass, so he can take classes taught by the best in sports, movies, television, photography, cooking, gardening; any topic that interest him. Dad can always learn something new. Here is the link for MasterClass on-line.

If your Dad loves to travel, reminisce by sharing an album of a trip he has taken. There are many amazing travel tours available on-line. Summer is upon us. The season for baseball and hot dogs. Although the ball parks may not be open this summer, you can still watch a past game with his favorite team in the comfort of your home and barbecue hot dogs with pickles, sauerkraut, and his favorite mustard.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrates our parents and the love they have provided us over the years. Celebrate it. While Mother’s Day closes the spring season, Father’s Day opens the fun days of summer. Though we need to hunker down with the Covid pandemic, we can still create new memories and stories of Father’s Day 2020.

Thanks Dad! We love you.