It’s natural to dread this conversation—it can feel like betrayal or even belittling to your parent when they’ve been an independent adult for so long. Our advice: be gentle, do your research, and don’t expect everything at once. First, plant the seed in conversation, and don’t present this as a decision you’ve already made and are thrusting upon them. Ask them what they think of the future. Then, look for opportunities, such as when a parent has fallen and had trouble getting up, or complains of loneliness. Then, do your homework. Discover options that best fit your parent. This is where Concierge Care services can help you best. Finally, present your concerns and research to your parent, in a loving context of what’s ultimately best for their health, comfort, and happiness. See our blog article, How to Talk with your Parents for more in-depth advice.

Furthermore, Concierge Care Advisors can do a free home visit and help with the talk. We can be the objective professional to come in and provide advice. This takes the burden off the family, especially if the seniors are not safe.