Families often put off planning, hoping “mom will improve” and instead are faced with a crisis situation, such as a discharge from a hospital or skilled nursing facility, where the parent simply cannot return their own home safely. When you plan in advance, your options for a great community increase dramatically.

If you believe your loved one is no longer safe at home, the first step is to have a loving conversation with them about it. If they aren’t open to the idea, you may consider introducing them to one of our caring Senior Advisors at Concierge Care Advisors, who is professionally trained to assist with this conversation. When a decision to move forward has been made, there are many things to think about, and each situation is unique; however, common things to plan for are selling a home, understanding financial resources, learning what appropriate housing may cost, determining geographic location, as well as selecting a time frame to make a move. A professional Senior Advisor at Concierge Care Advisors can assist in all of these areas and assure a smooth transition for your loved one.