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Family Stories

Concerned about a mother

A family approached Concierge Care Advisors concerned about their mother.  Their mother had been retired for some time and would not need assisted living immediately, but understood that they would in the near future.  Their mother suffered from failing eyesight, making it difficult for her to recognize people, lost items, and her fall risk was increasing.  The family wanted to make sure their mother’s condition was cared for.

Importantly, the family wanted a community that felt like home, instead of a hospital or institution. Concierge Care Advisors identified three different senior living communities near the family’s home matching the family’s criteria.  Concierge Care Advisors then arranged a personal visit for each one.  In the end, the family selected an adult family home that was perfect for their mother, impressed with the level of care and overall cleanliness and affordability.

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Mom at Home


Encountering Resistance

As they say, it sometimes takes a village.  A woman in her mid-80s was living alone in a mobile home community.  Within two years, she had two serious falls, and was continuing to decline in health.  Like many elderly, she was convinced she didn’t need senior care, and was determined to stay at home.

A social worker reached out to Concierge Care Advisors.  CCA developed a plan to move her into a studio unit at an assisted living facility, with caregivers, prepared meals, housekeeping, daily activities, and a social network.  CCA also helped her apply for Veteran’s Aid.

The elderly lady bought into the plan, for a bit; however, she reverted back to stubbornly clinging onto living in her mobile home community, even though that was becoming increasingly unrealistic.  From this, CCA arranged an intervention.  CCA gathered her family and loved ones, creating an environment of care and love, rather than opposition.  Through discussions of facts and feeling, the elderly lady’s reservations faded away, her fears dispelled.  Today, she is thriving and lives in a wonderful facility within her budget.

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Difficult placement


Signs of memory loss

Joe’s family was becoming concerned about how they saw their widowed father mentally slipping.  Bills were not being paid, and Joe claimed to have cleaned the upstairs, even though layers of dust indicated otherwise.  When conversations went longer than five minutes, Joe forgot what he was talking about.

For a short time, Joe’s children moved in with him, but it took an unbearable toll on the family to care for him.  Likewise, a conversation about moving into the children’s house would lead to Joe’s violent outbursts and perpetual confusion.

Joe’s family consulted with Concierge Care Advisors on options for those with dementia care.  CCA found the right community within the family’s desire of being close to them, and within their budget.  Most importantly, the community contained a rooftop garden, where Joe would be able to tend to his beloved flowers.  Even with dementia, Joe remained grounded by the flowers he and his wife grew together so tenderly years ago.

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Wife now needs help

After fifty years of marriage, a couple came to Concierge Care Services for senior housing options.  While the husband was doing well for his age, his wife suffered from mild dementia and had other medical issues.  The husband had taken on the role of caregiver, and the burden was becoming increasingly untenable.  They were spending more time arguing with each other, and he was crushed by grief watching his wife slip away.

With the help of Concierge Care Advisors, the family was able to locate an assisted living community, close to her children and husband.  The community was matched to her progressive health needs, so that as her dementia increased, the community was well-prepared to address it.

Although the couple now lives separately, they are much happier.  The wife is getting the consistent care she needs, the family is free of the caregiver stress. Now they can solely focus on spending quality time with her.

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