By Erin Kershaw, Certified Senior Advisor at Concierge Care Advisors

Recently, when I was touring with my clients to help them find an Adult Family Home (AFH) for their mom, we were discussing their thoughts about the home when one of the daughters said to me, “To be honest, when I saw the outside of this home while reading the email you sent, I was very disappointed. But now that I am here and have met the owner, her care-givers and the residents, I couldn’t be happier!” This is a common reaction. I have to admit I often have the same reaction when I’m standing outside of a restaurant I’ve never tried. I make my judgement about the quality of the food based how nice the exterior looks. As we all know, many restaurants that occupy a very modest structure often have the BEST food!

Choosing an AFH for your loved one is stressful, but your Concierge Care Adviser will make sure to only take you to homes that provide excellent CARE. When touring an AFH, we look at the inside and outside of the home and quickly make a judgement about the home. Although a clean home is important, the care that will be provided is the most important thing and quite frankly can’t be seen. You will never walk into a home and see someone receiving a shower or being encouraged to get dressed for the day. Touring is a snapshot of what is happening at that moment. Had you been there thirty minutes before or after you would have observed a totally different vibe.

When looking for the right fit, make sure you talk to the owner of the home about your concerns regarding the care your family member will receive. Observe how they interact with their other residents. Trust your gut; that will lead you to choose the home that you feel will best serve the needs of your loved one. Their room can be decorated any way they or you like, so don’t feel it has to match the décor of the rest of the home.

There are some Adult Family Homes that have been “purpose built” and are quite large inside and out, but the majority of these are older homes that have been remodeled to accommodate the needs of their elderly clients. The most important thing to remember is it does not matter how pretty the house looks on the inside or outside. The care they will receive and your ability to connect and communicate with the owner is one of the most important considerations. Learn more about Adult Family Homes.