By Brian Erickson, Director of Marketing at Concierge Care Advisors

Disclaimer: Hello, my name is Brian Erickson. I am the new Marketing Director for Concierge Care Advisors. Prior to this role, I had no experience in the senior living and care industry. In fact, only one of my grandparents lived in an Assisted Living Community prior to her passing in 2002. I say this because, as someone who hasn’t yet fully experienced the senior living and care world, I wanted to provide some context of where I am coming from.

During a part of my onboarding in my new role, I had the privilege of shadowing many of our Concierge Care Advisors. I was particularly interested in touring an Adult Family Home to get a sense of what these environments offer seniors. What I found was nothing short of a pleasurable and welcoming experience.

Washington Adult Family Homes operate with a caregiver who modifies an existing home in order to care for seniors. Up to six seniors can occupy an Adult Family Home and there are always at least two caregivers on staff at all times.  Each Adult Family Home must be licensed, comply with audits, and continue to provide good care and service to their seniors. The Adult Family Homes we work with must also adhere to our standards of care and practice at Concierge Care Advisors, so that when we refer clients, we know the home will provide excellent care and exceed expectations.

Before I toured one of the Adult Family Homes, I asked one of our Advisors if they had ever heard family members expressing concern that their loved one may not feel comfortable in a living environment that may “feel” like someone else’s home. She reminded me that during our personal one-on-one assessment interview, we ask about any concerns such as those, and had also taken into consideration the level of care the senior would need. We will then recommend an Adult Family Home if it fits the needs and wants of the client. This reassured me that we continue to always have the client’s safety, health and happiness for each recommendation.

As I toured the Adult Family Home, I immediately felt the warmth and care the environment provided. One of the caregivers was preparing lunch as a resident sat at a table crocheting. The home felt welcoming and inviting. Important signage was laid out throughout the home as appropriate for safety and comfort, and the common areas felt “homey”, and like a place guests and visitors would feel comfortable. Residents had their own room where they brought in personal affects that clearly made them feel at home. Washrooms and other areas were medically retrofitted for seniors but still felt like it was made for a family home.

After the tour was over, I had a better appreciation and admiration for the consideration and care these homes provide as an alternative for senior living and care. I felt as if I could better recommend this option for someone who may benefit from thriving in a smaller, but homier living environment. For anyone skeptical about Adult Family Homes or just not having had the experience to visit one, I can’t recommend enough that they stay open minded, and when the time is right, to go and experience one for themselves. Our Advisors are true professionals, and are always here to help answer any questions people may have about Adult Family Homes and senior care and living in general.