Concierge Care Advisors Expands Its Samaritans Program

Concierge Care Advisors has always been committed to giving back to the community and the seniors we serve. Continuing our long-standing commitment to supporting charitable programs and encouraging pro-bono work with seniors in need, we have expanded the Concierge Care Samaritans™ program to provide additional resources to worthy causes. The Concierge Care Samaritans program donates funds as a percentage of its revenues for causes and charities that serve seniors in our community through a vetted process that evaluates each worthy opportunity.

Concierge Care Advisors senior management team has empowered each of our Senior Advisors to seek out causes in their respective communities and present them to the Concierge Care Samaritans committee for review and consideration. Once vetted by the committee, it is our Senior Advisors that debate the merits of each program and collectively determine where each dollar is committed. Why? Who better than our professionals on the front lines to know where we can make the most impact for our seniors?

Our Senior Advisors are first and foremost caring professionals that are passionate about seniors, their safety, comfort and well-being. As highly trained professionals they understand their communities, especially as it relates to the seniors and families they serve. They have their pulse on the causes and organizations that support seniors in need. This Senior Advisor driven program can systematically expand Concierge Care’s charitable work beyond our own operation through the thoughtful and compassionate efforts and decisions of our Senior Advisors.

Program Information: