By Shelby Thompson, Certified Concierge Care Advisor

Companion care or a companion caregiver provides extra help for seniors who are mostly healthy but would benefit from extra socialization or emotional support to boost morale and stay connected with other people. Companions can offer a range of support including assisting with daily household tasks, encouraging and participating in activities, or joining you for outings on errands or appointments. Many home healthcare agencies offer companion care for hire, and it is a great option for seniors who live alone and are not normally social or very interactive with their community. Whether a senior lives at their own home or even in a retirement community, companion care is a wonderful opportunity for your loved one.

Alternatives to hiring a companion caregiver would be to consider a transition to a senior care community. Retirement communities and assisted living facilities offer a broad range of onsite opportunities for seniors to join different clubs, play games, participate in arts/crafts, enjoy live music or lectures. These activities are typically free, and family/guests can often join in! A large active community may be daunting for many seniors, especially if they’re introverted. Another alternative is an adult family home where they’d be one of up to 6 residents, an even  smaller environment such as this is still a huge increase in socialization for most seniors.