It’s that time of year

Where irony’s present;

We celebrate what we’re thankful for…

Then go out and buy presents.

If you work in retail,

This is the worst time of year;

You work on a holiday

And suffer customers’ sneers.

They all want this present,

Or that since theirs broke.

Oh we forgot this relative;

the “CROATAN” for our Roanoke.

To destinations across the globe,

We stress as we fly, drive, or swim.

Shave years off our lives

in rental vehicles to hotel rooms.

With care, we wrap all their presents

To look exquisite and dapper;

And with expectant faces we watch

As they savagely rip apart our wrapping paper.

Then there is feasting,

Spools of ribbon, eggnog, and good cheer.

And we watch a Christmas movie…

(Same one as last year.)

But within those holiday movies

A recurring message is taught.

It’s not the presents we bring that matter

But the presence we brought.

We forget about Capitalism,

Work and the economy.

Because traveling is less taxing

When you spend it with family.

I’m not saying presents are bad

It’d be a contradiction.

They show you’ve been thinking of them

But it’s a subordinate tradition.

Priority should be family

Whether you know it now or not.

You’ll only have time once,

So spend it this month.