By Rose Fabrick, Certified Concierge Care Advisor

September welcomes change from summer to autumn. We had a lovely summer in Washington, followed by the autumn season to highlight the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. For my family, September also brings celebration with the wedding of my son and his beautiful bride. You can imagine the loving emotions my husband and I are experiencing. As we prepare for the celebration, it allowed us to reminisce about our son growing up, as we looked at pictures from over the years. We must admit that we are excited at the prospect of becoming grandparents. The adventure of grandparenthood looms ever closer. All of our family and friends who are fortunate to be grandparents today say it is a wonderful milestone in life.

I do believe Celebrate Grandparents Day is in September. Celebrate it throughout the month! I was compelled to ask, “Why is it wonderful to be a grandparent?” And then, what do you do with grandchildren? I went straight to the source; grandparents I know. The best answer is the ability to have time to spend with children. It is different from raising your own child and trying to balance it with time commitments for your spouse and your job. It can be stressful, and you lose track of time. Spending time with children awakens your sense of wonder and imagination. I have learned there are so many different things you can do with and for your grandchildren. It all sounds so marvelous. Here are some of my favorite things I heard.

“Taking a trip with just our grandchildren; without their parents. We have their undivided attention.” One trip was a Dude Ranch adventure that involved not only riding horses, but also cleaning and feeding the horses. Just being in the great outdoors with your grandkids widens your awareness; shifts your brain from your daily routine. A simple walk will also do it; on the Burke Gilman trail, or along a river, or at the zoo. “It’s all happening at the zoo. I do believe it.”

A creative grandparent I know does it with food and the art of cooking by teaching her granddaughter the basic skills of cooking. Baking and decorating cookies, using a mixer, having her own chair at Grandma’s house that she stands on when they cook together. It’s a good way to chat about what’s going on. Presentation is just as important. “You must set the table properly for your guest.” This lucky granddaughter has her own corner at Grandparents house for playing Tea Party or reading together. She can count on pizza and ice cream with Grammie and Grandpa.

Creating memories for our grandchildren; I can’t think of a better job to have! Grandparents that we know in Idaho and Kansas plan an annual trip to the Oregon coast and the beaches of the East coast. Parents may be optional, but the more the merrier. You don’t get much beach time in Idaho and Kansas! They rent a house for the whole family to stay, with walks on the beach and chasing waves along the shore. It’s the whole idea of focused time together. Leave the schedules and interruptions behind. “Just us.” Nana dogpile with the grandkids adds silliness and laughter. “There’s no APP to replace your LAP.”

If you think aging is no picnic, think again. Being grandparents represents the best kind of life enrichment. It is the ultimate reward in life and keeps you forever young. Seriously, better than Botox!

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