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We honor our elders by sharing their memories. Let’s share the memories of good meals together!

Many of us love to cook almost as much as we like to eat. While this may have changed somewhat as the world has sped up for many in the younger generation who may eat out more, or eat “on the run”, we know based on the popularity of cooking shows and celebrity chefs, not to mention the plethora of online recipe sites, we still love to cook!

The senior population that Concierge Care Advisors serve collectively have thousands of years of cooking experience and wonderful recipes. If you think about this demographic, dinners were mostly cooked at home, and Sunday meals were big family gatherings with a beautiful home cooked meal. Many of these recipes were passed down to their children, and their children’s children.  These recipes are a way for families to carry on traditions, and sharing them is showing love to your family, friends or neighbors. Indeed, it is honoring that mom or dad who created and prepared that meal with love.

Enjoy the personal family recipes and the stories of the remarkable seniors that passed them along, as we honor the legacies of sharing good food and good times together. Oh, and feel free to add your own story and recipe that was handed down to you. Let’s keep the memories alive!

Lemon Butter

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Mexican Salsa

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