By Brenda Deschner, Certified Senior Advisor at Concierge Care Advisors

 Often times the families I work with are overwhelmed with grief, pressure of having to make doctors appointments, worry and fears about health care and finances.

I understand as a spouse or child of a loved one that you may be thinking you can do everything alone. Or feel like a failure if you cannot manage your loved one’s care. I’m here to tell you that your loved one will appreciate being able to spend quality time with you, rather than feeling like a burden.

  1. They want your quality time:  They know they don’t have much time left to enjoy things and would rather spend it chatting with you or enjoying things while they still can.
  2. Relief from burden: Your loved one asked you to be their Power of Attorney (POA) because they trust your judgement. It doesn’t mean they want you to try to do everything for them. They don’t want you stressing about every little thing.
  3. Rest assured: You can rest assured when you know your loved one is being cared for properly.  So instead of worrying if they took their medication, or if they are up at night to use the restroom, you will know they are being cared for by a trained professionals.
  4. Peace of mind:  You will have peace of mind when you have a Professional Care Advisor guiding you through this process. We are highly trained and will help navigate you through a Long-Term Care Plan. After we have carefully learned about their Health Care needs, wants, financial situation, location, and social stimulation, we will lead you through each step to successfully find a home care solution tailored for their needs. You won’t have to second guess every decision you are making. After all, we all have family and people we care for too. I wouldn’t suggest anything to your family that I wouldn’t want for mine.

If you are ready to explore what extra care or a new living situation for your loved one might look like, contact us today for a no-obligation assessment.