By Vannah Rose Roberto, Certified Concierge Care Advisor

I meet and speak with a lot of family members on a day-to-day bases who are having a tough time making the right call simply because of a promise they made to their loved ones. I am sure we have all made those kinds of promises. The “I promise I will take care of you when you are older” or “I promise I will not put you in the care of someone else”. This is a very common challenge we hear all the time. I am here to tell you that it is OKAY to break that promise if it means your loved one is getting the care they need and deserve. It is OKAY to break that promise if that means your loved one is going to be safe. It is OKAY to break that promise if that means your loved one will get the adequate attention to their everyday needs in a timely matter. Sometimes you must make difficult decisions for the welfare of your loved one and ultimately, yourself too.

I have worked with a family member who had reached out to me about their mom who needed to transition to memory care, as being home alone was no longer safe for her. Family had attempted multiple times to take turns sleeping over and taking care of her because they had always promised her, they would not bring her to a senior community. They quickly realized that after 6 months of trying to meet her needs, this is what they needed to do for their mom to receive proper care. It took them a while to make the bold move to give CCA a call, but once their mother was transitioned to a memory care, they realized how much time it took out of their own lives to provide the care and attention she needed. And to make it all bittersweet, they instantly have seen her perk back up after she has settled into her new home; being around people her age, the activities she was involved in and getting the socialization she once had before.

We understand that this may not be everyone’s story, but we are equipped to help you in every way possible to find the right place for your loved one but keeping in mind their medical needs, their physical needs, spiritual needs and of course, their financial means. We can walk you through step by step and guide you the whole way through.