By Amanda Cassman, Certified Concierge Care Advisor

A healthy lifestyle is what everyone strives for at any age, but for seniors it is especially important for them to stay active and maintain a healthy diet. Studies show that staying active and eating right can help prevent underlining causes of memory loss such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and high cholesterol. These tips will not only help prevent future health issues, but will also improve one’s overall health.

Brain Boosting Foods:

  • Oily Fish– Fish have a great source of Omega 3’s, which is an anti-inflammatory and builds cell membranes. Beneficial fish include tuna, salmon and sardines.
  • Berries– Not only are berries tasty but you can eat them in so many ways. You can have them as is, in a smoothie and on top of yogurt. Berries have antioxidants that reduce inflammation throughout the body and improves communication between brain cells.
  • Nuts– Nuts are another food that contain antioxidants, omega 3’s and Vitamin E; all are beneficial to everyday brain function. Keep some on hand for a snack, put them in your salad or in your oatmeal!
  • Green Tea– There are many health benefits from drinking green tea. Studies show that it improves your memory and contains an amino acid that has anti-anxiety effects.

Brain Boosting Activities:

  • Strategy Games– Strategy games include chess, checkers and card games. Playing strategy games exercises both sides of the brain, and also improves memory and problem-solving skills.
  • Walking– Being physically active has many benefits! Walking is something that is low impact and improves blood flow to the brain.
  • Socializing – Staying social is extremely important for seniors. Connecting with others can reduce depression, improve their memory, and seniors who engage in relationships tend to be more active overall.
  • Journaling/Writing– Studies show that journaling or writing can slow down memory decline. Writing/journaling is also mental stimulation, improves coordination, and is a great stress reliever.

These are just a few brain boosting tips, and supports the notion that keeping your senior loved one mentally and physically active is important for their overall health.