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What is the Most Popular Senior Living Option in Seattle?

Blog May 13th, 2015

If you currently live in Seattle, then you’re no stranger to the fact that our city is booming. In fact, it’s quickly become the largest growing city in America. Amazon just reeled in another 20,000 employees and you can see half a dozen new cranes, but I digress.

In this technology-driven climate, if you want to find the best senior living option in Seattle, you don’t need to look far. While there may be limited space in retirement homes and even assisted living, adult family homes are quickly rising in popularity and the reasoning is three-fold.

  1. State-Licensed

Not every elder care facility needs to have a licensing agreement with the government and the rules vary between states. In the State of Washington though, nursing homes, assisted living, and adult family homes all require state licensing, making the latter one of the reasons why adult family homes are the most popular senior living option in Seattle.

Typically, if a senior living community is licensed by the government, it’s an instant bonus because they must follow regulations by the law. Wherever your health is a concern, knowing there are strict guidelines to adhere to is reassuring.

  1. Neighborhood

When people think of senior housing in cities, they think their loved one stuck in a confined space.

However, that’s all the more reason why adult family homes (AFHs) are the preferred senior living option in Seattle. AFHs are peoples’ homes. They are not institutions or hospitals. While many other senior housing communities have taken a clue from this and made their facilities to be more home-like in appearance, adult family homes are based in neighborhoods.

And this point is especially crucial when it comes to the recent boom in the licensing of AFHs and their subsequent popularity. Because neighborhood homes can be turned into senior care centers, your home can be your office. It’s affordable for the nurses that develop their homes into senior-friendly housing, but it’s also preferred since it feels comforting – that’s a huge improvement.

  1. Customized/Personal Care

Of course, this one comes because it’s the most important reason for why adult family homes are so highly sought after as the prime senior living option in Seattle. These homes limit their residents to six seniors. This means that your loved one receives customized, personal care. Every staff member is guaranteed to know your loved one by name; know the medications they’re on; know their meal preferences; know their chronic health conditions.

Don’t misinterpret this as putting other senior living options down, as many provide all these elder care standards… the difference is that these homes are more secluded, personalized, and they’re becoming  more common since they’re easier to develop.

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