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Where are Your Senior Care Options?

Blog January 6th, 2015

Choices, choices, choices!

Today, there are not only dozens of senior care options, from retirement communities to adult family homes and skilled nursing care, but there are just as many senior care referral agencies (the Concierge Care Advisors being one of them).

And, one of the things you’ll notice, about the Concierge Care Advisors is that they (we) don’t list the senior care options on the front page. We don’t do this because this is how you make mistakes.

In our modern world, we yearn for automation. Of course, I don’t need to tell you how easy that’s made paying bills, setting alarms, or even how much it’s helped seniors who are lost… Some things however, shouldn’t be automated and elder care is one of them.

Senior Care is Long-Term Planning

When you’re looking among senior care options, you’re looking for much more than a home, you’re looking for care and affordability; it’s long-term planning. On the surface that may seem obvious, but as I go into detail, you’ll see why that’s so important and how often it goes overlooked.

Say your elder was a former athlete (a tennis player). Their knees will be far more fragile and require a lot more maintenance. Now, initially, it may not be that big of a deal, so they may want to live in a retirement community since it offers the most personal freedom. As a tradeoff however, retirement homes offer the least amount of daily assistance. If your elder suddenly needs physical therapy or rehabilitative care, then it could be costly to hire an in-home care specialist while in the retirement home… or, you can save money by finding a retirement community that plans ahead for physical conditions; or find an assisted living that’s more long term.

Another example – and this one happens a lot – say your elder develops dementia later on in life. If she’s already comfortably living in an assisted living facility, but it doesn’t provide memory care, then she’ll undoubtedly, need to move again. The sad part is, most senior care options have their residents sign a contract that terminates their tenure if their care needs change – then, we’re operating in panic mode looking for suitable solutions.

Get All Senior Care Options

You and your elder are NOT an algorithm. We cannot run your needs through a machine and tell you what’s best. We need to talk to you, assess the senior’s needs, and we still place people in suitable homes in 24 to 72 hours.

Your elder may qualify for Medicaid; your elder may qualify for Veterans Benefits. Even if a senior home is out of your price range, we can often negotiate with the facility. In addition, maybe it is affordable, but not for 10+ years, but that’s also something we can negotiate.

If you need assistance, contact our advisors, we’ll still get your elder placed just as quickly, but we want to make sure we get this right the first time.

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