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Power of Attorney

Blog March 20th, 2017

By Amanda Holmes

Being someone’s power of attorney isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Some people think they will just be responsible for finances and signing paperwork. For those who have been in this role, they know that is not the case. Recently I have had the privilege of working with a wonderful woman who was a younger friend of a senior, and became her power of attorney. This senior was a spunky, independent, and vivacious when her friend agreed to take on this responsibility. Nobody could foresee how this can change so abruptly.

This woman, we’ll call her Mrs. A, had lived by herself for years. She gardened, cooked her own food, did her own grocery shopping, and used a piece of drift wood as her walking stick. Mrs. A believed she could still do everything. One day, she fell, and she was found on the floor days later. At this point, her body had become toxic and suddenly this friend, this power of attorney was faced with the daunting task of helping her find the next step. She was placed on hospice and the hospital was ready to discharge her, but she wasn’t allowed to go home. This is when I met her friend. We were going to do this together. Somehow, through all the stress, tears, and anxiousness we found the perfect home.

This home was bright, serene, and when the owner of this adult family home met Mrs. A in person and she asked her, ever so sweetly and hopeful, if she would take care of her she knew she would. Within a day, Mrs. A was in her new home. Through the loving eyes and warm heart of her friend, we found the perfect place for her to be at peace for the remainder of her life.

For me, I am grateful. Making difficult decisions for another person is never easy. But when it is done with as much love as this woman showed, it is exceptional. Mrs. A will never be able to truly thank her friend, but I can.

To all of the caregivers, friends, children; the ones who are doing their best one day at a time, I thank you. We thank you. You are extraordinary.

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