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Choosing to live life by the “Rule of Five”

Blog January 13th, 2017

By Jessica Claybrook

Experiencing the aftermath of the holidays with extended family and friends sometimes can be a challenge. Oftentimes, with the versatility of family members and differing opinions, comments are said that perhaps would remain better left unsaid.

… Kind of makes you happy the holidays only come around once a year, doesn’t it? Just kidding.

There is a lot of strength in being able to not give power to harsh actions; and even with the utmost intentions, sometimes comments or actions from another can be hard to let go of. With the eagerness of welcoming a new year with the best intentions, I encourage anyone reading this that the next time a comment, tone of voice or action that doesn’t sit well with you is expressed, to live by the “Rule of Five” and ask yourself this: “Will this [bothersome] matter in Five Minutes? Five Months? Five Years?”

I encourage you to consider adapting the “Rule of Five” in your daily interactions and hope that you’ll find a new year filled with happiness, gratitude and lower blood pressure.

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