On September 14th, Concierge Care Advisors teamed up with Sound Options, Emerald Downs and our incredible veterans to enjoy an evening of fun and excitement at the races!

Concierge Care Advisors was privileged to raise money for the Honor flight, a nonprofit organization that takes veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit the Veterans Wall Memorial, along with all of the monuments that were built in our great veterans honor.

For this event, we invited and 15 veterans and seniors to the race track and funded the dinner and drinks for the evening, as well.

While there, and completely by coincidence, we met a senior and her friend at the track, and learned that the senior owned several race horses there! The next think we knew we were out of the stands and down meeting the trainers and the jockeys. And then, guess what happened? We were so excited to find ourselves standing in the winner’s circle celebrating a win with the beautiful horse, owner and jockey!

We were so delighted to spend time with the veterans and honor them at this special event. More importantly, events like this make it possible for us to give back to our veterans by helping make the Honor Flight to Washington D.C. possible for them. A visit to these memorials to see firsthand how our country honors their service brings a deserved sense of peace, comfort and joy to our worthy warriors as they reflect on their service to our great country with their fellow vets.

We were able to raise $650 at the event and are hosting a GoFundMe Account that will be active through the end of September. If you were unable to make the event but would like to donate you may do so here, https://www.gofundme.com/betsvets?member=618250. Concierge Care Advisors are grateful, along with our and Sound Options partnership, that some veterans will receive this well-deserved honor.

You can learn more about the Honor Flight program here: http://pugetsoundhonorflight.org. Please consider donating to this worthy cause, which allows veteran’s “one last trip” to reflect on their and their brothers-in-arms service to our country.