Assisted Living Resources for Seniors: Snohomish, Wa

As the oldest city in Snohomish county, Snohomish has a wealth of history, with plenty of parks, walking trails, and great views of the mighty Snohomish river. The majestic Cascade mountains rise to the east of the city, providing stunning sunrises. The slower pace of the city, lower crime rates, and convenience to the bigger cities on the coast make this location an ideal one to consider for senior care and housing. Of course, you’re not the first one who’s had this idea; there are some 70 senior care options in the Snohomish city area!

With over 400 antique dealers and an incredible Senior Center, Snohomish is a great place to look for assisted living options. Living in these sort of communities opens up the opportunity to socialize, so you don’t need to worry about your loved one feeling isolated or depressed.

If you are interested in the assisted living options available in Snohomish, Washington you can contact us to talk to an advisor.

  • What makes assisted living in Snohomish so enjoyable is that the city has an endless pool of events and activities to keep your loved one engaged and happy. All across the city are plenty of trails and hikes to take.
  • What ties the whole city together for your loved one is the Snohomish Senior Center. The center provides countless fitness and dance classes to keep your senior in shape with a healthy heart. In addition, there are other classes that teach new skills to constantly be strengthening the mind. Of course, not everything needs to be work, as the center is also a focal point for games and general socializing.
  • Snohomish is also located close to the Evergreen Health Monroe hospital so you can rest assured know that your loved ones are always close to medical attention should they need it.