Assisted Living Resources for Seniors: Mukilteo, Washington

Scenic Mukilteo, Washington is located on the edge of the Posession sound, away from the bustle of Seattle. Its serene location makes it one good possibility for senior living. Mukilteo’s name comes from the Native American language meaning, “Good Camping Ground,” which gives an idea of the community’s foundation. Besides the waterfront, the town also offers spectacular views of the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. There is plenty of room for fresh air, leisurely strolls, and exercise, with over 500 acres of open spaces, trails, and parks.

Mukilteo is a tremendous place for seniors to get outdoors, be active, and stay in shape.In addition to the outdoors, Mukilteo harbors numerous community events. There’s movies in the park, art exhibits showcasing new artists, and even community gardening workshops for people who want to beautify their home.

Because it’s an easy trip to Seattle, Mukilteo is convenient for families who live in the area. Many senior housing facilities have already seized on this opportunity; there are now about 60 communities, houses, and facilities for senior care. Which is right for you? Your loved one deserves the best care and community possible–and that means research. Our Care Advisors have local, insider knowledge of the Mukilteo area, including both the great options and the unscrupulous providers. Because we are a concierge service that cares deeply about the dignity of seniors, we place all facilities we work with under rigorous scrutiny to make sure they’re up to our high standards. We also provide free estimates for the cost of assisted living, help getting resources, and access to our trusted network of verified providers for things like durable medical equipment.

  • The Senior Services of Snohomish County is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving senior health. The organization offers exercise and fitness classes, as well as walks and hikes with other seniors. Plus, they often hold meetings and counseling sessions for help with Medicare, mental health, and more.
  • The nearby Northshore senior center has educational classes, day trips, fitness classes, and support for caregivers, all in a wonderful space that’s great for socializing.