Assisted Living Resources for Seniors: Monroe, Washington

There are plenty of reasons to consider Monroe, Washington as a potential place for senior assisted living. Its location on the lush banks of the Skykomish River offers serene space for hiking, birdwatching, gentle canoeing, and more. Monroe’s historic downtown district is full of quaint shops and restaurants; and overall, it’s a tight-knit community with a low crime rate and manageable cost of living.

If your loved one is struggling with the day to day activities, it’s time to look for help. Our expert team knows the ins and outs of communities throughout Washington including Monroe If you’re searching for elder care in the area, you’ll be facing over 50 possible facilities to sort through! That’s a lot of stress, on top of all of the other logistical and emotional burdens that come with major life transitions We can help you evaluate what type of senior assisted living is appropriate and match you with quality care. As a concierge service, we can also help with finances, medical equipment, law services, and more. Our advisors take their recommendations and research very seriously, because it’s our mission to help seniors age with grace and dignity.

  • The city of Monroe has a surprising number of community events, including the Fair Days Parade in the Historic Downtown and an annual Rodeo;.
  • Enjoy the famous Pancake Breakfast and other social events at the East County Senior Center. The well-funded and very active center also has classes, volunteer opportunities, and help connecting seniors with community resources like transportation.