Assisted Living Resources for Seniors: Mercer Island, Washington

Beautiful Mercer Island in Washington may be a ferry-ride away from the mainland, but it still provides all the recreation, community, and resources for elders looking to relocate to assisted living in the area. This community has 35 parks, spanning over 400 acres; perfect for scenic views, picnicking, and community events. For active seniors, Mercer Island has group hikes and fun runs that not only improve physical health, but help create lasting bonds.

Other senior-friendly features in the community are classic movie screenings, senior luncheons, and even bird-watching hikes. Because Mercer Island is located between Seattle and Bellevue, residents have access to a wide array of accessible doctors and hospitals, while enjoying the serenity that comes with being close to water and wildlife.

If your loved one is struggling at home and you’re looking for possible senior assisted living in the area, our Advisors can help you with the burden of research, verification, and finding resources. We believe it’s possible to age with dignity; and we put all assisted living facilities under rigorous scrutiny, making sure that each maintains strict  standards. Our staff will even tour property with you and help ask all the right questions– so you get the honest answers you need. Contact us today for free help!

  • Mercer Island offers a plethora of Senior Resources. The center has many helpful resources, from mental health assessments to caregiver support.
  • The area’s community center offers events of all kinds, with a catering kitchen, art gallery, drop-in classes, and gorgeous terrace and outdoor area.