Assisted Living Resources for seniors: Edmonds, Washington

Edmonds, Washington is one of the most walkable towns in the state, and it’s a good thing too because there’s plenty to see and do. A waterfront town located on the edge of the beautiful Puget Sound, Edmonds is only about 15 minutes from Seattle. The town is known for its celebration of the Arts and diversified downtown area. If you’re having difficulty watching your senior struggle with daily tasks and are worried about him or her living alone, then Edmonds might be one place to start your assisted living search.

One of the reasons we point clients towards Edmonds is the great variety of high-quality community resources and services, including a bustling Senior Center. The area is a little more laid-back than Seattle proper, perfect for folks who are looking to settle down a little while still being within reach of Seattle’s cosmopolitan offerings. If all this sounds great to you or your loved one, the first thing to do is assess what level of care you’re going to be looking for. Then, you might discover that there are some 70 options in the area today! Our Concierge Advisors have local, insider knowledge of the both the area and the industry–which means we can point you towards facilities we’ve visited and loved, while steering you away from the unfortunately growing field of unscrupulous providers. If you are interested in getting help exploring the assisted living options in Edmonds, Washington you can contact us here to speak with one of our advisors.

  • The Edmonds Senior Center has a stunning location right on the waterfront! At the center, there’s the games, meals, and exercise classes that you probably expect, but this center offers even more. There’s room for one’s creative side to flourish with weekly dances–and even Ukulele lessons.
  • All parks, recreation, and community/cultural events can be found in one place: The Edmonds Parks & Recreation website.
  • Senior Services of Snohomish County is a fantastic resource for elders and caregivers alike. You can find help getting financial resources, transportation, and even minor home repair.