Assisted Living Resources for seniors: Des Moines, Wa

Des Moines is a beautiful waterfront city, full of parks, beaches, and trails for the young and old. If your loved one is struggling with daily tasks, then assisted living in this beautiful location might be something to consider.

We love Des Moines because it’s a thriving city that makes the most use out of its location. Not only is it incredibly scenic, but recreational marina activities are in full force. It is also right in between Tacoma and Seattle, making it easy for family going out of state or wanting to go into the metro city. Best of all, choosing assisted living in Des Moines puts your loved one in a city that values its elderly community. This is not only evidenced by their community events like the popular softball series, but also in their well-funded senior services options.

A large number of seniors have already settled in the Des Moines area; there are now some 80 possible choices, from assisted living facilities and retirement communities to facilities offering dedicated medical care. Our Concierge Care Advisor team is made up of locals who know the ins-and-outs of the community. When choosing assisted living facilities for your loved ones, we know there are an almost overwhelming number of factors to consider. Our Des Moines-area Advisor would be happy to help take some of the burden off your shoulders for FREE. We always work with you to find an assisted living facility that fits your needs, wishes, and financial goals. The facilities we recommend are always quality–because we visit them ourselves, so we can steer you away from any “Bad Apples.” Get started today with one of our advisors by contacting us here!