By: Heather Souve

Don’t let the name fool you. Although Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) are often perceived as institutions, this is primarily due to the word “facilities.” These are anything but hospital-like environments. ALFs are usually comprised of apartment-styled houses or group homes in one complex. Seniors have their own private rooms, but also have the option to share a room with someone. Most communities provide rooms with their own private bathrooms and closet.

Many people are unfamiliar with the kind of senior care available to them. Sadly, when many adult children bring up “senior housing” and “elder care” to their loved ones, the response isn’t immediate acceptance. Of course, at Concierge Care Advisors, we’ve written extensively about the guilt many children go through as well as the stress seniors suffer from during this time. While we have pages dedicated to the various senior living options, we thought it best to take this opportunity to lay out exactly what ALFs offer to your loved one. This is especially useful for seniors as they should know any housing option is not meant to be degrading, but uplifting. The chores, tasks, and struggles are alleviated, thereby opening up their time to enjoy what they love doing.

This is especially true with what Assisted Living Facilities have to offer:

1. Privacy

2. Transport

3. Assistance with Daily Living

Assisted Living Facilities Provide Privacy

Although, as stated, seniors can share a room on these campuses, the majority tend to want their own room. While the residences will have staff on-site to help with the activities of daily living, for the most part seniors can go about their day. This is what makes these complexes so sought after. Unlike nursing homes, the residents are not confined to the housing premises, they can leave. What’s more, the facilities will even provide transit.

Assisted Living Facilities Offer Transport

Although each community provides it in a different way, rest assured that if you’re having difficulty behind the wheel, you won’t need to drive again. Transportation is fundamental to ALFs and it’s one of the main draws for seniors. Being able to afford privacy and quality care, while still being able to be independent is critical. Many find great value in this as these facilities offer transport to any churches, synagogues or temples in the area.

When living alone, many seniors struggle to get to their house of worship of choice due to a fear of driving; some even suffer from arthritis in their hands and suffer to greatly when leaving their homes. These communities however will provide transport to religious services as well as the grocery stores, senior centers, or anywhere else your senior desires.

Assisted Living Facilities Help with the Activities of Daily Living

This is usually where people need the most clarification since Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) is a broad, industry term.

Many communities offer more services, but in general, those listed here are found on all campuses:

  • Meal preparation (cooking meals)
  • Housekeeping (vacuuming, cleaning, changing sheet, etc.)
  • Laundry
  • Transportation (see above)
  • 24-hour security
  • 24-hour nurse on-call
  • Social events and programs (getting seniors engaged in their community)
  • Quick access to medical help
  • Social exercise programs

So if you or your loved one are making the decision for senior housing, consider what these assisted living facilities have to offer and we’ll find one that caters to your needs. Call our Care Advisors at 1-855-444-7364 or get in touch with us through our form on our home page and we’ll get back to you in less than 24-hours.