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Nursing Homes in Seattle

Articles January 16th, 2015

Nursing Homes in Seattle, Washington are beauteous communities, fostering all the life that you’d find in the industrial hub of Washington. These are homes that can provide constant or 24-hour care to your loved one and most forms must be licensed by the government. If you’re considering nursing homes for your loved one, here’s a few things you should know.

When deciding on a Nursing Home, the first thing you need to do is dispel the common misnomer that all homes are gloomy and essentially a place to go for people nearing the end of their life. These homes are intended to provide the constant care elders need who are struggling to live at home alone. These are not for people who are suffering with minor activities, but who need help bathing, making meals, getting treatments, or even rehabilitation.

To help clear the air of this misleading stereotype, nursing homes have recently foregone the institutional or hospital-like model in favor of a more comforting home environment. Many of these facilities even encourage residents to bring their furniture and personal possessions to their new room so they can feel more at home—this even includes pets.

In addition, because residents are in facilities with other seniors, there’s a great deal of socialization. Because these are secure facilities, socializing, activities and garden paths are important inclusions to nursing homes. Socializing helps engage a part of the brain that’s not normally active, so it increases mental strength and capacity.

The activities provided by these facilities will vary depending on your senior’s needs. There are activities that specifically cater to your loved one’s condition, but there are plenty of other games and events around the home to stimulate the mind and keep your senior healthy.

Of course, garden paths and outdoor walks are crucial to the happiness and wellbeing of your senior. Seattle takes advantage of its landscape to help create such trails for your loved one and it’s a good way to get in touch with nature or even indulge in some recreational exercise.

Nursing homes are for residents who cannot live at home alone anymore and need help every day; it is the closest form of hospital care a person can receive without being in the hospital. However, because every patient is different, there are numerous kinds of nursing homes and Concierge Care Advisors can help to determine which one is right for your senior.

Many nursing homes in Seattle offer rehabilitation or skilled nursing care. These facilities offer long- and short-term care and absolutely must be government licensed. In addition, to help with costs, many are covered by Medicare. These facilities typically restore a person to health if they have suffered an injury that requires physical therapy. Whether your senior requires long- or short-term care, nursing homes may be the best option for them.

At Concierge Care Advisors, we pride ourselves in putting every facility under rigorous scrutiny. We listen to your—and your senior’s—needs and return to you with a complete list of residences that appeal to those requirements. Best of all, we offer our services free of charge. Your senior’s health and safety is paramount to us. Contact us today and we’ll get an advisor assigned to your family, so they can get the help they need today!

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