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Nursing Homes in California

Articles January 16th, 2015

Nursing Homes in California provide the maximum amount of senior care your elder can receive without being in the hospital. For many residents, this is why nursing facilities are considered short-term, it’s because they are transitional for these seniors.

If your loved one has just had a stroke, a fall, or broken a bone and they need more time to recover, then a nursing community is much cheaper than the cost of in-patient bills. However, since Medicare covers many of the costs associate with hospital bills, they will also cover senior placement in a skilled nursing facility. This type of senior housing offers physical therapy and assistance with the activities of daily living while your loved one gets their strength back.

Otherwise, if your senior is having an exorbitant amount of difficulty getting around the house and you’re growing increasingly worried about their wellbeing, but cannot provide the constant care they need at your own (or their) home, then a nursing home in California is a solution.

These facilities are aware of the stigma surrounding them since many people assume it’s where they go to receive end-of-life care. Of course, this could not be more wrong. While some provide short-term care, others provide long-term care. The communities Concierge Care Advisors affiliate with offer quality senior care for those that need constant attention and support. These are not meant to be dreary, they’re meant to alleviate the stress of living so your senior can enjoy themselves.

Concierge Care Advisors work with various nursing homes in California State that provide exceptional services in elder care. These residences provide short- to long-term care and are licensed and heavily regulated by the state.

Nursing homes in California provide 24-hour health care services by medical professionals, including basic and skilled nursing care, rehabilitation, and a full range of other therapies, treatments, and programs. Rooms may be shared or private and most come with a bathroom and closet.

Nursing Homes in California Provide: 

  • Basic and skilled nursing care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Activities of daily living, including: bathing, cooking, cleaning, etc.
  • Treatments
  • Socialization

Concierge Care Advisors only recommend those senior housing facilities in California that pass our rigorous standards. To ensure the protection, safety, and security of your loved one, we carefully inspect each community.

The Care Advisors do not simply refer your loved one to a senior living facility, but rather, they assess what your loved one needs, what they want, what their budget is and where they would like to live. Then, they will even tour the nursing homes in California with you, asking all the right questions to best meet the needs of you and your loved one.

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