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Help Find Senior Housing | Nothing is too Difficult (Part 2)

Articles May 20th, 2015

Kathy hopped on the phone with Mary (Co-Founder and Vice President) about the needs of the woman and Mary subsequently contacted a provider she was familiar with, who has had several Russian-speaking caregivers in the past.

It was Saturday when the senior living provider returned the call. She said there was an opening in an adult family home with Russian-speaking tenants and caregivers. Immediately, Kathy contacted the home with details of the elderly woman’s condition, financial being, and state assessment form. The provider agreed to visit with the patient over the weekend, but that they would set up for her to move in on Monday.

Although that’s grounds for rejoice, there was a lot more paperwork and information to pass around. Kathy contacted NW Hospital about the adult family home provider coming in for a visit and that the Russian woman will move into the new home. She contacted the SW (that referred) and confirmed that the Monday discharge was acceptable as a new home had been found. She contacted the state case manager with details of the home.

After all this, Kathy contacted the son (in Chicago) again to get help with signing her move in contract, but the absolutely refused. As a result, Kathy arranged for the state case manager to do the home visit with the social worker to provide the needed signatures and officially move the elderly woman into the adult family home.

On Monday, Kathy followed up with SW to make sure everything went smoothly and they assured that indeed it had. About a week later, Kathy checked in on the elderly woman to make sure the transition agreed with her. According to the elderly woman, she was happier and more lively than she’d been in a long time.

Whew! Case resolved.

In three days time, Kathy managed to help an elderly stranger find a home and a support system filled with people that speak her language! All the issues had (and have) been resolved, but what’s more, this work is done pro bono.

That’s right, the Concierge Care Advisors work free-of-charge as we’re meant to be called upon as a resource to help find senior housing. As with all other senior care referral agencies, the Care Advisors usually accept payment from the senior housing facility (it’s factored into their marketing budget), but when working with Medicaid they accept nothing.

If you or your loved one needs help finding senior housing, our Care Advisors will gladly meet with you (in person or by phone) and work to find a solution. We firmly believe it takes an army to get this process done right so your elderly parent only needs to move once.

We take a holistic approach, contacting providers, doctors, and your family members to complete the assessment and keep everyone informed. Then, we help you find senior housing options, so you can make the choice.

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