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Assisted Living in Seattle

Articles January 16th, 2015

The largest city in Washington, Seattle is a blossoming metro area with cultural diversity, fine dining, recreational centers/activities, and of course, coffee. To say that Seattle is a booming industrial city may be an understatement, especially after the numerous Tech Impact Awards (2013) for businesses. However, Seattle has many neighborhoods and communities that are just as often praised by residents and outsiders alike. This is what makes assisted living in Seattle, Washington such an ideal location for your loved one; there’s no shortage of activities, sights, or events and no fear of being lost in the bustle of city life.

Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) are similar to apartment housing complexes, but for seniors who are struggling with the Activities of Daily Living (ADL). These ADLs may range from driving to cooking or even showering. The highly trained staff assist with daily living, but do not take away your senior’s independence. The facilities do not keep your loved ones on campus, but encourage travel, especially since it’s provided by the staff. This ensures safe travel to your senior’s destinations.

Seattle is home to plenty of arts and cultural recreation centers. With almost 30 theaters, the Seattle Art Museum and Waterfall Garden, Seattle has some compelling arts for residents. In addition to these, there are even the tourist attractions like the Seattle Gum Wall located near the renowned Pike Place Market. If your senior would rather enjoy the sights at a leisurely pace with a delicious meal, then the iconic Space Needle is the perfect place to dine with a panoramic view of the entire city.

Moreover, Seattle offers your loved one close proximity to the Seattle Aquarium and the Woodland Park Zoo. Not only is this a great way to view the native marine life and animals from around the world, but it also provides a way for your senior to stay active as these organizations are often looking for volunteers.

Of course, there’s no shortage of parks and lakes. Seattle harbors Lake Union which, during the summer, offers a great way to cool off or picnic on the shore. In addition, there are plenty of parks and open spaces, so even when you’re living within a city, you still get a picturesque view of the greenery.

Assisted living in Seattle offers your loved one all these amazing sites and opportunities, but perhaps most importantly, Seattle is home to several senior centers: The Ballard NW, Greenwood, and West Seattle Senior Centers. These centers are known for promoting seniors and healthy living.

The centers offer games and events to get seniors together and actively socializing. Moreover however, these centers will supply classes for seniors to learn new skills (like crafts, arts, and computer skills). Continued learning is a great way to strengthen the mind and memory. The senior centers aren’t restricted to mental and social stimulation either. In fact, the centers will promote fitness classes, Yoga, and even Tai Chi. This way seniors stay in touch with their body’s wellbeing.

If you’re considering Seattle as your destination of choice for assisted living, then contact one of our Care Advisors today. At Concierge Care Advisors, we carefully inspect each community and how it works for your senior. We listen to your senior, assess their needs, and then compile a list of ALFs that meet their needs and budget. If there’s a community that sounds right to you and your family, then we’ll even tour the facility with you.

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