By Chelsea Hensley, Certified Concierge Care Advisor

I have a friend that uses air tags to keep her kids safe when they go to places like the park or zoo. She loves it; she taught her children that when it makes the “ping” sound, to come find her. They can play and she can see where they are on her iPhone and then “ping” them when they start getting a little too far away.

I was recently talking about this with someone who needed assistance for their mom, who also sometimes wanders off. They loved the idea that when mom went missing they could just open the Air tag on their iPhone and locate mom, no hassle. This made me a little uneasy, so I did some research into the idea and found this article:

It turns out Apple never intended, and strongly advises against, using air tags to track people. While the device can tell you exactly where the tag is located, it doesn’t share if the bracelet attached it to is still on your loved one, or various other concerns you might have when you realize your loved one is no longer where you thought they were.