Recently, we had a married couple that came to us for assistance for long-term planning and we were taken aback! They weren’t simply looking for a senior care facility that met their current needs, but one that met their future needs as well!

And this is one of the main reasons to come to us, seniors and their families should NEVER settle for a “temporary” fix for long-term care needs.

Care Should Outweigh Panic

When people approach us looking for elder care, it’s usually with one of two conditions:

  1. They needed senior care yesterday!
  2. They’re planning for the future.

Guess which of the two we get more of? (Hint: It’s the first one!)

The married couple (described above) fits into the second category. They knew they were getting on in years and didn’t want anything to split them apart. That’s an excellent support system, but unfortunately not everyone has that luxury and as a result, many wait on their children to tell them something is wrong… and they don’t until they need it.

So those that are in the first category are panicked and they want a solution now to end their anxiety. But a solution made in haste may not be the best decision. That’s why, with the Concierge Care Advisors, you get objective experts to explore all the options and not simply a temporary fix.

If we learn that your family has a chronic health condition or a history of cognitive dysfunction, then even if they’re doing well now, it is worth considering what type of care they’ll need down the line.

Long Term Planning

There are many senior care and elderly housing companies out there that automate choices for the seniors; it’s akin to treating seniors like algorithms, but they fail to take into account that elder’s life, wants, and history. We take the time to meet with the seniors and their families to learn all the requirements (and luxuries) they need for the desired community.

This means long-term planning, since we want to make sure they only need to move once.

Multiple moves for seniors – especially as they get older – is stressful and can severely hinder their quality of life. We make sure they only need to move once, so they can age in place safely.

Considering the Future

The couple we met with did not want to become involved in a community only to have to transition to a new center when medical conditions changed. Finding a center in Seattle that had multiple levels of care was a priority. Our advisors also considered location, affordability and activities available.

The center they chose was staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by an LPN. The staff can administer insulin shots, if necessary, and physical, occupational and speech therapy are all offered on site – and when they are, they billed Medicare Part B.

A structured wellness program helps residents get (and stay) active. Plus, the vibrant activities department helps to exercise the mind, as well.

Plan in advance to avoid turmoil down the line!