When you’re trying to find senior care communities, you may struggle with what type of senior living (or residential care) is most suitable to your loved one. While we provide comprehensive pages on the different types of senior care, this article can help assess the differences between facilities so you have a better idea of where your loved one best fits.

Adult Family Homes

Adult Family Homes (AFHs) can be run by any number of people (families, business partners, etc.), so long as they adhere to the regulations in the state. That said, most AFHs are run by specialists in gerontology or registered nurses – who may be retired.

Now, usually people think of neighborhoods, apartment settings, or medical-like institutions when they want to find elder care communities, however adult family homes are literal “homes.” They are owned by the people running the AFH, but have been remodeled and approved for senior living. This is one of the many perks to AFHs, the fact that seniors can be in a home setting as opposed to an institution-like setting.

In addition to this, there is usually only a few staff members, but the reason is because there are only six residents permitted in an adult family home. This is a huge positive for many seniors and their families because it guarantees quality, comprehensive, and personalized care for the new tenants.

Assisted Living

Assisted living (ALs) can be very similar to adult family homes and very different in many regards.

Similar to AFHs, assisted living communities are licensed by the state, however dissimilarly, assisted living is not inside a person’s home, but rather are apartment-styled homes. Assisted living has a great deal more residents, but they also have a lot more staff to accommodate them.

All this said, although ALs are apartments, they do not prohibit any less freedom than AFHs. In fact, in some ways they may provide MORE freedom to the tenants. ALs have transportation services available to seniors, whereas seniors living in AFHs are heavily dependent on the various staff – that’s not saying the staff are not always there and able to help, but because ALs regulate the transportation, there are many options available.

Adult Family Homes Vs Assisted Living

It’s all a matter of needs. You need to find senior care communities that cater to your loved one. Adult family homes keep your loved one in a familiar environment with a finite amount of tenants, so they are guaranteed close and personal care. This is especially helpful for seniors that have neurodegenerative conditions like dementia.

Assisted living is for seniors who do not require staff to help them all the time. For the most part, assisted living is a very independent lifestyle and the staff are there to help out with whatever chores, errands or tasks the seniors need them for.

So when you want to find senior care communities for your loved one, consider their health issues and even any foreseeable issues down the line. Always plan ahead and that way your loved one is guaranteed to only move once. Contact one of CCA-certified Senior Advisors today for more information.