If you or your loved one needs long-term care, but wants to be in a residential home (likely in their own neighborhood), then contact Concierge Care Advisors about Adult Family Homes in California.

AFHs or Adult Care Homes provide a different living environment for seniors in need of care. Unlike assisted living which provides minor- to moderate-care for seniors and nursing homes which provide the maximum level of elder care a loved one can receive, Adult Care Homes a level of care somewhere in between.

Adult Family Homes in California Provide the Following:

  • Assistance with the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
  • Comfortable home setting within a residential neighborhood
  • Room and board
  • Laundry
  • Supervision
  • (Occasionally) basic nursing
  • Limited social services
  • Customized Care

This list demonstrates the level of care a senior should expect in one of these homes. That being said, some various AFHs also offer Memory Care services. If your loved one is suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s, then this is another reason why contacting Care Advisors is a smart move as the Advisors can help you locate an Adult Care Home that caters to your loved one’s condition.

AFHs are licensed by the government and run by registered gerontologists and/or nurses. Despite being a business, the government regards them as residences, which is part of the reason they are growing increasingly more common. The residential setting is beneficial for seniors since they don’t feel restricted or like they’ve been placed in a degrading situation. If you’re worried about how your loved one will adapt to a new home, then this is the best senior living option since they will still be living in a home environment. In addition to this, each home can only have up to six residents.

Adult Family Homes in California & Their Personal Personnel

As stated, these homes have a maximum of six residents, making the staff to resident ratio very balanced. Seniors who enlist in this type of care, not only receive quality and customized care that cater to their specific needs and condition, but they also develop a close bond with their caregivers. In addition, while all senior housing options create a community of peers, the Adult Family Homes in California make the seniors’ roommates (Note: this doesn’t mean that your senior can’t have a private room, just that they all live in the same house).

It’s the personal care that has proven to be the primary benefit for seniors.

The Concierge Care Advisors confer with various Adult Family Homes in California and will only recommend the houses that pass their intensive criterion. Concierge Care Advisors were voted best practice in the State of Washington because they uphold standards that go above and beyond what the state requires. This level of dedication and prowess is carried into every state they expand into.

If you want to make sure your loved one receives quality care at affordable rates, then consult with our Care Advisors. Not only do they thoroughly inspect the facilities semi-regularly, but they will also tour the properties with you when you’re deciding on a senior housing community.

This service is free to you and your loved ones. Call today at 1-855-444-7364 or submit our form on our contact page.