Prior to joining Concierge Care Advisors, Kecia Lilly spent more than 25 years in the institutional investment consulting business advising pension plans, public retirement systems, 401k plan fiduciaries, and (primarily) foundation and endowment funds.

Kecia began her consulting career in the mid-80’s with E.F. Hutton, and went on to work for some of the largest consulting firms in the country, along the way founding her own successful consulting practice. Kecia’s background and experience in providing comprehensive due diligence on investment management firms who managed millions of dollars for these funds, uniquely positioned her to lead our corporate business development and compliance at Concierge Care Advisors. Kecia personally meets with and pre-screens each of the professionals and firms for our unique Concierge Care Advisors Premier Resources listing, which is provided to our clients as part of our suite of Concierge Services.

Kecia also manages the internal compliance and human resources at Concierge Care Advisors and was instrumental in Concierge Care Advisors’ support and testimony to pass legislation regulating the industry. Her dedication to the protection of vulnerable adults is a natural extension of her interest in the protection of the clients she oversaw during her career in finance.

About Concierge Care Advisors

Concierge Care Advisors employees are the most qualified Senior Advisors in the senior housing and care industry. No company rivals the professionalism, training or vetting of a CCA Certified Advisor. Our CCA Certified Advisors and the staff that support them provide the highest level of support to families and solutions for seniors found anywhere nationally. To find out more about our CCA Certification process and to learn about our differences click here.