By Mindy Walker, Certified Senior Advisor at Concierge Care Advisors

I began working with a client, Ray, who was taking care of his mother in his home but with each passing week he became more aware that he could no longer take care of her needs. He contacted Concierge Care Advisors because we had helped him find a home for his father a few years ago and, although he had been through the process before, he did not know where to begin with his mother. We spent time talking with about his mom’s needs and determined that she would do best in an Adult Family Home (AFH) setting, which had a higher level of care as well as social stimulation.

Concierge Care did some research based on all the criteria, and then Ray and I visited a few homes that would be a best fit for his mom. Out of the homes we visited, Ray selected a brand new AFH that was awaiting their very first resident. During our visit at that home the owner told us that he was a pharmacy technician and his wife was a nurse and they were very enthusiastic to fill their home and begin this journey with their new residents.

While we were touring homes, Ray’s mother fell very ill and was admitted to the local hospital. Not sure what the outcome would be, Ray and I optimistically continued the process of getting everything ready for his mom to move into the AFH. Ray met with both the husband and wife team to complete the process. Upon returning to the hospital a few hours later to visit his mom, Ray was greeted by the nurse who would be caring for his mom that evening. The nurse for the evening was none other than the wife of the owner of the AFH that he had selected and met with earlier that day! What a wonderful surprise for all of us!

Fortunately, Ray’s mom made a successful recovery and made the move to the AFH shortly thereafter. Ray was beyond elated that the nurse who was caring for his mom in the hospital would be the same nurse who would continue that care after she recovered and moved into their home. Talk about a nice transition!