To be frank, assisted living in Bellevue is one of the most sought after locations for senior housing. Bellevue, on its own, is highly sought after for its neighborhoods, beautiful parks and culture, but assisted living is usually on the top of every seniors’ list because it provides the most flexibility in regards to independence, but also provides a good amount of care.

So without further ado, here are the top 8 reasons to move to assisted living in Bellevue.

1. Bellevue Botanical Garden

The Bellevue botanical gardens are as beautiful as they are walk-able. Regardless of your physical capabilities, you should be able to get around the entire Bellevue garden–and even though they don’t offer wheelchairs, they list where you can go for a rental that’s close.

There are hundreds of ferns, vines, hydrangeas, and other flowers blooming like you wouldn’t believe. There are sections of their garden in the same way you might see in a museum. There’s the Fuchsia Garden that displays some of the most beautiful flowers you’ll ever see and they grow in the PNW; the Dahlia Garden that’s full of old favorites; the Waterwise Garden with ponds and running water. So much to see, explore, and discover for yourself.

In addition, nature walks are excellent for elders with dementia as the scents can help them recall memories better, but getting outside for a leisurely stroll is good for anyone regardless of their health. So get out and enjoy!

2. Mercer Slough Nature Park

Speaking of getting outside, the Mercer Slough Nature Park is great if you want something that’s a bit more challenging. The hikes range from relatively mild to fairly challenging.

On the hikes you may find blueberries for picking–which is something grandchildren always enjoy–or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can take up a kayak and enjoy a leisure paddle across the water.

If your family is visiting, you’re also able to rent a community room which is great for celebrations or anniversaries where the staff are helpful and happy.

3. Zip Tour

The great thing about zip-lining is you don’t even need to be in great shape to do it. You simply need to strap into a harness, release your fear of heights, and let gravity do the rest.

Especially in Bellevue where the nature is glorious and abundant, you ought to get a different perspective on this esteemed locale. Take the zip-line tour in Bellevue if you want to see nature from a different angle.

Of course, the staff are well informed and will fill you in on some neat information about the trees and sights around you. Not to mention they’re also extremely patient. So if you’re having trouble conquering that first leap of faith, you won’t be pressured or rushed.

4. Bellevue Arts Museum (BAM)

Of course, Bellevue has no shortage of indoor activities too. To start with, the Bellevue Arts Museum (BAM) is a great place for adults and grandkids alike. BAM is home to many local artists and their exhibits are simply stunning (we’re looking at you Motoi–if you get the chance to walk through the Labyrinth exhibit, it will blow you away!).

Plus, because BAM features local artists, you may actually meet some during your visit. Of course, they’re more than happy to talk about their work and what the pieces mean. Many even talk about the development process and surprisingly, many create specific pieces for the museum on-site! So maybe you’ll see them working on something new.

It’s much smaller than the Seattle Art Museum, but there’s a lot to take in, you can easily get lost in the designs and muse over them for hours.

5. Shops at Bravern

The shops at Bravern are one of the many reasons to go shopping in Bellevue. Not only are the shops varied and wondrous, but their courtyards are beautiful too, so even if all you want is to enjoy a coffee and people watch, it’s the perfect spot to plant yourself.

If you need some additional reasons to go, check out the Truffles Cafe where you can sample the truffle oil with a side of wine. Of course, if your dietary restrictions get the better of you, have no fear, there is a vegan restaurant that caters to pretty much every restriction you can imagine.

6. Bellevue Square

No list about Bellevue’s many quality traits would be complete without Bellevue Square. Bellevue Square is a beautiful mall with plenty of places to dine, shop, and even activities to enjoy.

Many people like this place as a change of pace from Bravern considering Bravern is a more up-scale mall with fewer choices. Bellevue Square however is very affordable and has enough variety to keep you coming back.

You have all the known brands (Macy’s, Nordstroms), some home goods stores, and a few more niche options–not to mention a movie theater. Of course, if your sweet tooth is singing, there’s the cheesecake factory! It’s a two-story mall that’ll meet all your shopping desires.

7. Timeless Elegance

Of course, if you’re thinking of redecorating your assisted living apartment, then look no further than Timeless Elegance, a shop that specializes in antiques (yes, real antiques). This is specific to Bellevue, Washington and it is beautiful; stunning.

Walking into this hole-in-the-wall shop is like stepping into the past. If your’e a fan of Victorian era furniture (mirrors, couches, clocks) then you’ll enjoy this even if it’s just to window-shop.

8. Golf Courses

Meanwhile, if you want an outdoor activity that’s not too physically intensive, there are two absolutely gorgeous golf courses in Bellevue.

There’s the Bellevue Municipal Golf Course and the Bellevue Crossroads Par 3. The former is an excellent place to play if you want to do a full 18-hole game. However, if you’d prefer a place to get your grandkids involved, then the latter might be more for you. It’s a great place for kids to get into the “swing” of things and bond with their loved ones.

All these are just a small sample of the beauty of assisted living in Bellevue. There are dozens more parks and outdoor activities, some specialty shops and wine gardens. It’s no wonder everyone wants to live in Bellevue.

In addition, assisted living provides so much freedom as well that you’re guaranteed to visit and go back to these places again and again. Even if you can no longer drive, assisted living always provides transportation services for seniors.

If you or your loved one needs some form of senior housing, then contact our Care Advisors. We’ll take your finances, care needs, and personal preferences into consideration and make this move, the best move of your life. Assisted living is not about restricting your lifestyle, but liberating you! So get out and get started!