We’ve all been there. We’ve all made a list of things we’ll “get to eventually” and seldom make good on them. They sit idly as an ideal. We don’t even believe we’ll get to them. It’s like a visualization of who we want to be, but won’t ever take the steps to achieve them.

Enter retirement.

Retirement is something we’ve dreamed of since we were children. The idea of an endless summer vacation. That ideal hasn’t faded in the least bit, but we’re so stuck in our ways that it’s hard to make the transition. That’s OK. Assisted living in Kent affords you that luxury; it provides you with the means to celebrate your endless summer vacation. You’ve paid your dues and now it’s time to enjoy your life.

Assisted living is one of the senior housing communities that does not offer a great deal of “care”. In other words, most people who move into an assisted living do so as healthy individuals who simply want help assistance with the monotonous chores that weigh them down. Fixing a broken railing by the stairs, remodeling the kitchen, paying bills, picking up medications, hiring a contractor to fix the leaky sink, mowing the lawn—all these tedious tasks are done for you (the senior). With all these chores done in a timely fashion, you’re left with absolute freedom to spend your time doing what you want.

This is why people seek out assisted living, it’s not because they need care, it’s because they want to be treated like royalty. You don’t need to take care of everything yourself, that’s what the on-site staff are for. Instead, you can spend your free time doing everything you’ve ever wanted—now that’s cool! Here are 6 ways assisted living can increase your productivity.

1. More Artistic

Ever wanted to learn how to play piano (guitar?); ever wanted to know how to make your own jewelry; ever wanted to write a book? Everyone wants to (or wanted to) pursue a passion, but didn’t because work, money or chores came first. With all that taken care of though, now you can pursue your passions.

So pick up a pen and start writing. Even if you write just one page a day, in a year’s time, you’ll have a novel.

2. More Involved

Everyone wants to feel wanted. We want to know that our presence is making a difference. This is why it’s so important to rid our lives of monotonous and tedious tasks. We want to contribute and be productive. As an elder, you have the time to take a stand.

You can volunteer your time just about anywhere. There are some mainstays, like volunteering at shelters, pounds, or zoos, but just about anyone adores pro bono work. Plus, this is one field where being a senior has distinct advantages. Rather than be judged as an adult looking for work, seniors are more respectable. If you walked into Boeing and asked to learn how planes are built, you better believe they’d be eager to introduce their work to you.

Perhaps there’s a political idea you feel strongly about, now is the time to take a stand, organize a committee and pitch it to the government. You have the power and the time, so do it!

3. More Fit

The number one excuse people use for not working out is: I don’t have the time. Except when you’re retired, you do; you’re made of time. Working out is always hard at first, but once you start to feel the thrill of what it’s like to be in shape, you won’t stop.

You won’t feel achy anymore, you’ll feel energized. Take the time to get back into shape even if it’s slow-going at first. Your body will be grateful!

4. More Travel

You always wanted to travel, but kept saving up money instead–which isn’t a bad thing, but now it’s time to spend. You always wanted to travel, but felt like you needed a house sitter or a better alarm system, or needed someone to watch the pets. Guess what? Assisted living does all that and then some!

Many assisted living communities offer travel services to help you get started, whether you want to go on multi-day camping trip or week-long cruise! Some communities have even partnered with travel agencies to help you book a personally tailored trip.

5. More Learning

If the school system has done its job, then you’re an active learner. It doesn’t matter what you graduated in, school is supposed to make you a lifelong student, someone who is willing to be curious, say “I don’t know” and be excited about figuring it out. Assisted living kindles that curiosity.

So many assisted living communities offer classes to learn a new language, a new skill, or how to fiddle with computers. It’s never to late to take up a new hobby or learn a new skill. Study a language and go abroad; pick up wood carving and have an instant hit for Christmas gifts; or learn how to use a computer and connect with your teenage grandchildren. Opportunity is knocking!

6. More Socializing

Time and again, research has shown a significant correlation between elders with active social calendars and health spans. If you want to live a long, healthy and happy life, socializing is definitely a factor. With assisted living, your home is in the midst of your peers. You don’t have to worry about finding common ground as you’re sure to have anywhere from 10-50 neighbors that share similar experiences.

Plus, assisted living communities provide many communal activities. So even if you find it hard to simply strike up a conversation, assisted living makes it easy to bond with people over common interests.

No matter what your reason is for choosing assisted living, it’s a great opportunity to begin anew. If you need help finding one that caters to your personal interests and needs, then contact our senior housing advisors and we’ll find all the options that suit your needs. So don’t wait around for the next big thing to arrive, it’s already here!