Veterans Day symbolizes many things.

  1. Celebrate our veterans at home who have protected this country.
  2. Honor the lives lost serving America.
  3. Send hope towards the troops serving overseas.
  4. Draw attention to veterans who returned and are still suffering.

With such a wide scope of emotions and people to consider, it’s hard to know how to celebrate this day, but here are 5 ways you can make a difference in a veterans’ life.

1. Build a Home

Not everyone who survives the war comes back whole. Some are broken in mind, spirit, and body. The Homes for our Troops foundation is just one of many organizations that make an effort to help veterans in need.

For disabled veterans who are struggling to buy a home, let alone maintain one, Homes for our Troops organizes volunteers to build them a house. For those who cannot assist in the construction, they also accept donations through fundraising for troops.

2. Offer a Ride

Many veterans have difficulty acclimating to life after war, and for those who return disabled, it can be doubly challenging.

On Veterans Day, you can help honor their service by volunteering to drive a van and provide free transportation for veterans. The Disabled American Veterans organization offers a simple way to sign up and volunteer your time.

3. Show Appreciation

In the same way that you shake a person’s hand when you meet them for the first time, it’s a common courtesy to thank military personnel for their service. It’s a small gesture, but it makes an impact.

If you happen upon troops in a restaurant or airport, walk up and thank them for their service to this country.

4. Send a Care Package

If you don’t see a veteran on this momentous day, then you can still show your appreciation by sending them a care package. Several organizations enable you to send gifts and hand-written letters to these heroes.

Operation Gratitude is one of the organizations that enable you to send these care packages to the troops currently serving and those who have returned. You can send individual packages or group packages. If a care package isn’t enough, they even allow you to donate your vehicle or submit a donation.

5. Wounded Warriors Project

The Wounded Warriors Project (WWP) is another esteemed organization that gives back to veterans. No matter what their stage of recovery or rehabilitation, WWP helps provide for veterans in need.

The WWP helps connect veterans with their peers and those with similar experiences. They organize outdoor retreats, adaptive sporting events, connect fellow veterans through an Alumni program, and help returned soldiers find new careers.

The Concierge Care Advisors regularly contribute to the Wounded Warriors Project. One of the reasons is because the organization is dedicated to celebrating our veterans year-round. They offer a daily reminder of their service.

Whether it’s your time, a care package or a monetary donation, Veterans Day is a time to celebrate, mourn, and give back to our veterans.