Assisted Living is Still Independent

September 5, 2014
It wasn’t long ago that a Seattle senior and his son came to the Concierge Care Advisors looking for Assisted Living. They had done some moderate research and understood that Assisted Living provided minor- to moderate care for elderly persons. Their biggest concern wasn’t if the elder would receive enough care, but if there were enough activities and events to keep the elder occupied. This is a fairly frequent concern – not far off from cost – since most people think “retirement home” or “nursing home” and immediately think they are restricted to the homes’ schedules. This certainly isn’t... Read more >>

Seattle Senior Finds Christian Retirement Community with the Concierge Care Advisors' Help

August 29, 2014
There are always necessities to senior living. You know, level of care, staff to resident ratio, cleanliness, security, history of elder care and reputation, etcetera. And we cover all those on our senior living options, on the phone with you, and in our network of housing facilities. That's not what this blog is about. One of the most commonly sought after amenity -- the "nice-to-have" if you will -- is religious community. There's a couple reasons for this. 1) If elders are moving to a new community, then they want to share common ground with their neighbors and peers. Certainly, religion... Read more >>

Couple Finds the Perfect Seattle Assisted Living Home

August 28, 2014
Even though the majority of the people we work with are in "crisis mode" (that is, they need to find a new home in X amount of days or they'll be in financial and/or medical trouble), some do come to us after they feel it's the right time to segue into a new mode of living. This is one of those stories. Our agency received a call from a lovely couple who had decided that it was time to move into a senior care home; specifically, they wanted to stay in the city they'd grown to know and love, so they wanted help finding a reputable Seattle assisted living center. It wasn't that they had... Read more >>

Helping a Widower Find a Seattle Retirement Community

August 27, 2014
There are countless reasons to join a retirement community, but two of the most notable occurred with a client we helped not long ago. His main reason for moving? Spirituality and Community. When Independent Living is Stagnate and Retirement Community is Moving Forward There was a senior who had lost his wife of 52 years. As you can imagine, after spending half a century with a partner, you become accustomed to a certain lifestyle. Things change, and most people don't handle change well. Heck our brains are wired to actively fight against anything that breaks routine. As our brains stop... Read more >>

Find Memory Care Center in 3 Days

August 25, 2014
In 2011, an anguished daughter came to the Concierge Care Advisors in desperate need. Her father needed to find a memory care center in 3 days! The amount of stress and panic she was going through was palpable… luckily, we’ve done this hundreds of times before. The first thing she did was tell us her story. Her father was 76 years old and had not even entertained the idea of receiving in home care, let alone living in an elder care home. The problem however, was that her father needed care, he just didn’t know it yet. He was experiencing some of the telltale signs of memory loss, forgetting... Read more >>

CCA Podcast 01: Kiro Radio Interview

August 20, 2014 Click the link above to play or download the podcast! Or read below for the transcript. Introduction and Background PETE: Hi this is Pete from Home Matters, KIRO Radio 97.3 FM. We’re coming back full circle about this, “Hey, mom and dad’s getting older,” and a lot of you have parents that are getting up in years – a lot of baby boomer listeners. With that, I wanted to return and talk about that again. We have a new guest, on the air here, her name is Mary Cordova and she’s with Concierge Care Advisors. Mary it’s great... Read more >>

Find a Memory Care Center in Seattle

August 15, 2014
Back in 2011, the Concierge Care Advisors helped a senior, Mike (Michael), find a memory care center in Seattle. Mike wanted a center that specialized in dementia care, offered intensive senior supervision, and – like most families – Mike wanted a memory care center in Seattle that was affordable . After taking all of Mike’s needs into consideration, we began our search for a suitable senior care community. We traveled to several elder care communities within Seattle and two of them met Mike’s care requirements, but one was better for budgetary reasons. Be that as it may, our advisors shared... Read more >>

Woman Finds Adult Family Home in Kirkland, Washington

August 13, 2014
Every family comes to us with a different situation and different needs. Not long ago, the Concierge Care Advisors were contracted by a woman to help find her mother an adult family home in Kirkland. The woman’s mother had been retired for quite some time and fortunately was not in crisis-mode. In other words, she did not need placement immediately, but we were contacted because she wanted to make sure that, when the time came to move that she would be taken care of. She had several concerns and simply didn’t have enough time to seek out all the adult family homes in Kirkland herself. First... Read more >>

RIP Robin Williams: To Die Would be a Grand Adventure

August 11, 2014
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By: Derek Hobson “ To die would be a grand adventure ,” says Peter Banning (Pan) to Hook after rediscovering who he is and why he chose to grow up – to be a father. I may be a late bloomer when it comes to Robin Williams, but I will always know him as Peter Banning aka Pan in Steven Spielberg’s 1991 classic, Hook . The boy who never wanted to grow up, grew up into a pirate. Only upon returning to Neverland does he rediscover who he is… While Neverland may be depicted in Disney properties as a place you can come and go from, J.M. Barrie always intended for it to represent death ( as I’ve said... Read more >>

Helping an Elder Find Senior Housing

August 8, 2014
Frequently, families come to us because they need help with tough decisions – and it doesn’t hurt that we offer free placement services . However, this story in particular revolves around a couple looking for separate senior housing. After fifty years of marriage, a couple came to our agency looking to find senior housing, but in separate communities. The husband was completely independent, but the wife had mild dementia and several other medical issues. The husband was admirable and had done what many spouses in his situation do, he took on the burden of being the primary caregiver for his... Read more >>